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Silver Salara Epic General
Legion damage: 300

Duel power: 77
Attack: 130
Defense: 100
Race halfelf Half-Elf
Role ranged Ranged
Source agility Agility
Silver Shafts: Chance for bonus damage

Silver salara
Many pure-blooded elves were outraged when a half-elf was named a commander in the Silver Arrows. But after their first battle under her command, her unit threatened to pepper anyone who spoke a word against her with their argentine shafts. So skilled did she prove herself as both archer and leader that they took to calling her 'Silver', recognizing that she was the best among them -- the worthiest to wear the Silver Arrow broach.
Obtained By:

Epic drop from Nightmare Felendis & Shaoquin (Guild Raid)

Additional Info:

Can be boosted by Silver Salara Boost

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