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Siege Master's Steed Epic Mount
Raid damage: 1806

Duel power: 209
Attack: 393
Defense: 234
Storm the Walls: Chance for bonus damage; Significant extra damage against Dragons and Sieges

Mount siege master
"The master took no part in the revelry that followed. For Dacan cared only for victory itself, not for its spoils or the merrymaking of grateful warriors. Thus he mounted his steed and rode back to Dracoshire, so that he might report his doings to the king and await the coming of the next siege." -- Korten, 'The Master's Sieges'
Obtained By:


Part of Siege Master's Set


  • Siege Master's Steed is a part of one recipe.
Siege Master's Steed Misc/Tokens
Solus coins brown
Solus coins grey
Solus coins green
Solus coins blue
Solus coins purple
Solus coins orange
Mount siege master

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