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Siege Master's Shield Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 1276

Duel power: 145
Attack: 280
Defense: 156
Storm the Walls: Chance for bonus damage; Significant extra damage against Dragons and Sieges

Shield siege master
"Arrows rained down from above. The defenders atop the wall knew their fates were bound up with those of the men who held the ram. If the gateway was breached, their lives would be forfeit. Survival rested upon slaying the ram-bearers with their shafts. So they fired as men possessed, sending missile after missile down upon them. Decan went to the fore, his shield raised up to devour that desperate fury." -- Korten, 'The Master's Sieges'
Obtained By:


Part of Siege Master's Set


  • Siege Master's Shield is a part of one recipe.

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