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Shield of Ryndor Legendary unique Off Hand
Raid damage: 540

Duel power: 216
Attack: 90
Defense: 180
Increases Health by 20, Energy by 2, Stamina by 2, Attack by 2, Defense by 3; PvP Bonus: +125 power, +5 deflect

Shield ryndor
The concentric circles of this magnificent shield chronicles your journey in Ryndor. Each of the great foes you fought is depicted in the exquisite metal-work, and they seem no less fearsome than they did in the flesh. As bitter as the adventure was, you will treasure this.
Obtained By:

This unique legendary item is crafted from pieces gained from Ryndor quest bosses. Each piece can be rarely dropped by the boss with its name, on any difficulty.

Additional Info:

This shield can be upgraded to the Shield of Ryndor

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Mobile Version Recipe

  • Shield of Ryndor is a part of one recipe.
Shield of Ryndor Legendaries
Shield ryndor

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