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Shield of Erebus Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 150

Duel power: 30
Attack: 20
Defense: 70
Increases Stamina by 5

Shield erebus
"Thick scales from the black wyrm's body cover the shield, allowing it to resist swords, clubs, and flame with equal ease. With such a remarkable protection encasing his flesh, it's a wonder the beast was ever slain."
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Nightmare Erebus the Black (Raid)

Additional Info:

Used to craft Bulwark of Erebus

Web VersionRecipe

  • Shield of Erebus is a part of one recipe.
Bulwark of Erebus Items/Lineage
Shield erebus
Dragon brain
Dragon heart
Dragon liver
Dragon kidney
Dragon intestine
Shield bulwark of erebus

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