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Shadow Elf Wrappings Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 8200

Duel power: 933
Attack: 1800
Defense: 1000
Perception: 500
Unseen Society: 10% chance to deal 50,000 damage; Extra 75,000 damage against Underground raids; Increases critical hit chance against Underground raids by 1%

Shadow elf gloves

Shadow elf gloves f

V. There is little in the way of food or materials in the deepest recesses of Tor'gyyl, thus many Shadow Elves appear malnourished and wear tattered apparel in various states of disrepair. They tend to prefer lighter clothing to keep them agile but have also been known to forge very reliable plate armor out of the same mineral as their weapons.
Obtained By:

Shadows of the Past: Rally questing (Nightmare)

Part of Shadow Elf Set


  • Shadow Elf Wrappings is a part of one recipe.
Vexanna Misc/Legends Stats/Legends
Shadow elf gloves
Ascendants raiment main
Ascendants raiment off
Collection shadow fragments 5 purple
Collection shadow fragments 6 orange
Vexanna general

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