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"I should've known better than to thieve while drunk. Bloody stupid thing to do..."

Scrolls of Dahrizon is the tenth questing area to be released and unlocks when Bloodmane is defeated on Hard (quest boss of the Foothills in Ryndor).

← Ryndor Scrolls of Dahrizon
Moor & Mort | Thief's Work | Traps & Tribulations | Rissa's Way

# Section Boss Requirements
Normal Hard Legendary Nightmare
1 Moor & Mort Dahrizon's General
Dahrizon's General (Raid)
Kyddin's Signet Suneate of the Last Emperor Hauberk of Gold Gauntlets of the Realm Walker
2 Thief's Work Guardian Golem
Guardian Golem (Raid)
3 Traps & Tribulations Animated Armor
Animated Armor (Raid)
4 Rissa's Way Simulacrum of Dahrizon
Simulacrum of Dahrizon (Raid)


  1. Until you defeat Simulacrum of Dahrizon, you can not advance to the next level in this area.
  2. When passing to the next level, it is mandatory to start from the beginning, "Moor & Mort".
  3. When you defeat the Simulacrum of Dahrizon, you get a "Legions Tactics" which increases the power of all your legions by 50%. You can get this once per difficulty, up to a total of 200%.
  4. When you defeat the various quest bosses you'll also receive five "Scroll of Dahrizon" which can be used to craft Dahrizon legendary general, which has a 100% passive legion boost, for a total of 300% with "Legions Tactics".
  5. While questing in this zone, it is possible to encounter random minibosses, which may drop the Insania Set and Archmage Renoir's Set items.
  6. Archmage Renoir's gear only drops on Nightmare difficulty.
  7. Quest bosses have a chance of dropping Samuel the Six-Armed (Normal), Snulgar the Screamer (Hard), Telaria (Legendary), and Rissa D'Tang (Nightmare). 

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