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Screaming Skull Set is a set of 5 Epic items. The whole set can be acquired from Dragon's Lair (Raid), or pieces can be acquired from Ryndor raids.

The Set

Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Screaming Skull Mask Screaming Skull Mask 42 28 49 Increases Energy by 7 Bloodmane (Raid)
Screaming Skull Breastplate Screaming Skull Breastplate 42 28 49 Increases Stamina by 4 Epic loot from Lord Tyranthius (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Screaming Skull Gauntlets Screaming Skull Gauntlets 42 28 49 Increases Stamina by 3 Hydra (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Screaming Skull Chausses Screaming Skull Chausses 42 28 49 Increases Energy by 9 Sir Cai (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Screaming Skull Schynbalds Screaming Skull Schynbalds 42 28 49 Increases Health by 40 Kerberos (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)

Full Set Bonus

Stat Bonus
Attack 210
Defense 140
Perception none
Health 40
Energy 16
Stamina 7
Honor none
PVP Bonus
Power none
Damage none
Deflect none
Colosseum Power
Raid Attack Value: 245
Duel Power: 175


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