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Scourge of the Faithless Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 200

Duel power: 27
Attack: 40
Defense: 40
Gods Damn You!: Automatic critical hit if Wrath of the Gods is in your inventory (1 Wrath of the Gods is deleted each time)

Main scourge of the faithless
Fashioned by the hand of man, then imbued with the divine might of the gods, this flail was devised to punish impiety. However, since there are so many deities, each with his or her own purview and alignment, almost any individual would be deemed impious by at least one of them. Thus the weapon may be used to strike one's foes indiscriminately.
Obtained By:

Craft together 6x Idol of the Devoted gained from Reward Day 7

Additional Info:

Recrafting yields 25Planet Coin Planet Coins


  • Scourge of the Faithless is a part of one recipe.

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