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Scorpion Chest Chest
Raid damage: 850

Duel power: 113
Attack: 170
Defense: 170
Machinations of the Scorpion: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Scorpion set item equipped

Chest scorpion

Chest scorpion f

"Serve the dragons. Do their bidding. Slay their foes. Earn their praise. Become their greatest warrior. Win their war. Then call upon them. Ask for their aid. Bring their might to the desert. The sand must open. It must open."--Mazalu
Obtained By:

Citadel: Armorsmith level 5 Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 6/22/12 - ???
Planet CoinLimited Time Item 2/24/12 - 3/9/12 for 30Planet Coin Planet Coins

Part of Scorpion Set

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