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Ruthic Set is a set of 5 Uncommon items. Drops from Ryndor quest bosses.

The Set

Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Ruthic Sallet Ruthic Sallet 32 32 40 16 Quest Boss - Bloodmane
Ruthic Cuirass Ruthic Cuirass 32 32 40 16 Increases Stamina by 2 Possible drop from Lord Tyranthius quest boss
Ruthic Vambraces Ruthic Vambraces 32 32 40 16 Increases Stamina by 1 Quest boss Kerberos
Ruthic Cuisses Ruthic Cuisses 32 32 40 16 Increases Stamina by 2 Quest Boss - Sir Cai
Ruthic Greaves Ruthic Greaves 32 32 40 16 Increases Stamina by 1 Hydra quest boss in Ryndor

Full Set Bonus

Stat Bonus
Attack 160
Defense 160
Perception 80
Health none
Energy none
Stamina 6
Honor none
PVP Bonus
Power none
Damage none
Deflect none
Colosseum Power
Raid Attack Value: 200
Duel Power: 160


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