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Runemaster's Staff Main Hand
Raid damage: 975

Duel power: 125
Attack: 200
Defense: 175
Perception: 90
Written in the Runes: Chance for bonus damage

Main runic
"Diwal: The double form of 'Wal', created by placing two copies of that rune back to back. It resembles a tentacled beast, and hold's sinister power appropriate to it's image. A Chaluan tribe is said to have inscribed Diwal on their shields and temples. They won many bloody victories over their neighbours, before perishing of a plague that left not a single survivor. Other Chaluan tribes responded by effacing the rune from all places and removing it from their alphabet" -- Passelra, 'Lexicon of Runes'
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 7/27/12 - 8/10/12 for 20 Planet Coins, Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 12/28/12 - 04/01/13

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions 7/5/13 -

Part of Runemaster's Set

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