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Romara's Gaze Helm
Raid damage: 320

Duel power: 43
Attack: 64
Defense: 64
Perception: 112
Stealer of Secrets: Chance for bonus raid damage

Helm romaras gaze
Romara was but a novice at most forms of magic. However, she possessed a remarkable talent for scrying. And thus she made her fortune. With the aid of a gem she had created to enhance her gift, her vision prowled the streets and buildings of the city in search of salacious scandals and nefarious secrets. Once she discovered such delicacies, she would send missives to the unfortunates who were now in her power -- revealing what she knew, and threatening to expose them unless they left a certain amount of gold at a place of her choosing.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 20 PC from 10/14/11 until 10/24/11

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