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Roland Special General
Legion damage: 90

Duel power: 28
Attack: 35
Defense: 50
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Adventurer's Spirit: Increases Player's Attack and Defense (+8); Chance for Bonus Damage if Plundered Dungeon Sign is owned

Roland v2


Roland v2 af
April fools Version

In his youth Roland traveled the world as an adventurer, weaving a web of steel with his twin blades, his life a tapestry of death-defying deeds and glorious battles. But at last he retired, and went to live the quiet life of a barkeep in Burden's Rest.
Obtained By:

Roland can be obtained by completing the "The Barbarian Barkeep" Quest in Town Square, the second stage of Burden's Rest

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded with Raknur's Sword to Roland (Crafting/General/General); +50/+50 att/def to Roland if Crossed Swords 1 is owned; +100/+100 att/def to Player if Crossed Swords 2 is owned and Roland is in the active legion

Web VersionRecipe

  • Roland is a part of one recipe.

Mobile Version Recipe

  • Roland is a part of one recipe.
Roland Generals
Roland v2
Rankur sword
Roland v2
Off grail

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