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Rohesia Epic General
Legion damage: 412

Duel power: 103
Attack: 180 (+20 at level 5)
Defense: 130 (+20 at level 5)
Race undead Undead
Role special Special
Source intellect Intellect
Voices of Kazarach: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Undead troop in the legion; Rohesia's Attack and Defense increase by 2 for each Undead troop in the legion per Rohesia's level

"The whispers... They've stopped! Gods... I thought they'd drive me mad, or kill me. But..."

She catches the expression on your face, and glances down. Her phantasmal body shimmers.

"Oh..." The young woman sighs. But when she meets your gaze, there's a soft, sad smile on her ghostly lips. "At least my thoughts are mine again. Thank you stranger. Whatever fate awaits me now, thank you."

Obtained By: Craft together:

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