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Rohesia Epic General
Legion damage: 460

Duel power: 117
Attack: 200
Defense: 150
Race undead Undead
Role special Special
Source intellect Intellect
Voices of Kazarach: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Undead troop in the active legion; Rohesia's Attack and Defense increase by 10 for each Undead troop in the active legion

"The whispers... They've stopped! Gods... I thought they'd drive me mad, or kill me. But..."

She catches the expression on your face, and glances down. Her phantasmal body shimmers.

"Oh... " The young woman sighs. But when she meets your gaze, there's a soft, sad smile on her ghostly lips. "At least my thoughts are mine again. Thank you, stranger. Whatever fate awaits me now, thank you."

Obtained By:

Craft together:

Additional Info:

can be boosted with Brown, Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, & Red Scroll of Rohesia (+30 attack/defense for each type)

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