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Rogar's Memory Off Hand
Raid damage: 606

Duel power: 80
Attack: 122
Defense: 118
Heart and Anvil: Chance for bonus raid damage

Off rogarsmemory
After Rogar's funeral, his daughter wished to keep one of his swords to remember him by. For her father's soul had gone into the weapons he forged, and he had perhaps neglected his flesh and blood children in favor of those made from steel. She couldn't bring herself to touch Rogar's Lament, the sword which had spurred him to suicide. So instead she took another blade, one fashioned in the same image. When she in turn died, that sword was found among her possessions - hidden away in a chest. And somehow it was far more powerful than it had once been, as though a daughter's love, grief, and bitterness had seeped into the steel.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item available for 20 Planet Coins, 5/28/11 - 6/10/11
Citadel: Weaponsmith Level 1

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