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Red Mist Main Hand
Raid damage: 850

Duel power: 213
Attack: 170
Defense: 170
Splat Goes the Fairy: Increases Stamina by 20; PvP Bonus: +100 power, +38 damage

Main red mist
Finding good names for one's armaments can be difficult. After all, generations of heroes have already laid claim to many of the best ones -- so a warrior who refuses to imitate others is likely to spend more time pondering what to call his latest weapon than how to name his children. This proved especially troublesome for Rall the Barbarian, a man of boundless might but somewhat limited intellect. He sat in a clearing for hours, scratching his head, until the buzzing of nearby fairies proved unendurable. At that point he seized his unnamed mace, swung it at them, and experienced a moment of serendipity.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item available for 30Planet Coin Planet coins from 1/27/12 until 2/10/12

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