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Red Crystalskin Hands Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 474

Duel power: 60
Attack: 98
Defense: 82
Increases Stamina by 3

Gloves crystalskinred
When the masses became aware of crystalskin, and mages began to sell such garments, some alchemists believed they had found what they were looking for. Enveloping themselves in the strange substance seemed to be a superb way of protecting their bodies during their experimentations, without the discomfort of bulky protective gear or the loss of manual dexterity caused by heavy gauntlets. But after one alchemist's crystalskin reacted badly with the materials he was working with, and became so rigid it encaged him, it fell out of favor in that quarter.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Legendary+ Erakka-Sak (Raid)

Part of Red Crystalskin Set

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