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Ragnarok Set is a set of 5 Epic items. Each item drops from a different Bludheim Boss Raid

The Set

Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Ragnarok Helm Ragnarok Helm 67 53 80 Increases Energy by 9 Raid: Gunnar the Berserk (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Ragnarok Battle-Paint Ragnarok Battle-Paint 67 53 80 Increases Stamina by 5 Raid: Kalaxia the Far-Seer (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Ragnarok Bracers Ragnarok Bracers 67 53 80 Increases Stamina by 3 Raid: Ulfrik (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Ragnarok Loincloth Ragnarok Loincloth 67 53 80 Increases Stamina by 6 Raid: Kang-Gsod (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Ragnarok Boots Ragnarok Boots 67 53 80 Increases Stamina by 6 Raid: Nidhogg (Raid), Dragon's Lair (Raid)

Full Set Bonus

Stat Bonus
Attack 335
Defense 265
Perception none
Health none
Energy 9
Stamina 20
Honor none
PVP Bonus
Power none
Damage none
Deflect none
Colosseum Power
Raid Attack Value: 401.25
Duel Power: 300


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