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Qwil Illusion Chest Rare Chest
Raid damage: 1160

Duel power: 147
Attack: 240
Defense: 200
Counterfeit Qwil: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Qwiladrians

Chest qwil illusion

Chest qwil illusion f

"It's been proposed that qwiladrians once lacked tentacles -- and instead had conventional limbs like humans or felpuur. The scholar who put forward this hypothesis believed their tentacles developed due to the qwils' consumption of foodstuffs tainted with magical energy, which mutated their physiognomies to such a degree that it altered their wombs and seed to influence future generations from birth. She attempted to research the matter further by visiting qwil lands so she could stufy them at close quarters. But since her head was returned to her university without the rest of her person, it's possible that the qwiladrians were less than taken with the subject of her academic interest." -- Lucian the Scholar
Obtained By:

Common loot from Teremarthu (Raid)

Part of Qwil Illusion Set

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