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Queen Lena Epic General
Legion damage: 388

Duel power: 97
Attack: 170
Defense: 120
Race human Human
Role melee Melee
Source strength Strength
Lena's Wrath: Increase Player's Attack and Defense (+40); Bonus increases for each Kavalan Barbarian in the active legion. (+2 attack/defense per Kavalan Barbarian)

In some provinces, criminals are thrown into the arena to be slaughtered by beasts or gladiators. So it was with Lena, a notorious barbarian queen. But when she seized a gladiator's sword, and proceeded to kill all her attackers, the crowd yelled for her to be freed.
Obtained By:

Colosseum - Rank 20 (Master Gladiator) - 6500 CP Purchase for 1,000,000 gold


Named after a team member, Lena Gkika

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