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Pumpkin Night Blade Off Hand
Raid damage: 1210

Duel power: 133
Attack: 270
Defense: 130
Pumpkin Knight: Chance for bonus damage; Increases Energy by 30

Off pumpkin night
5. His screams danced on the chill wind, banshees echoing his horror, cold witnesses who chronicled his doom with the dread voices of the grave. Those phantom cries lingered in the night long after Krumb's own fell silent. But now the mocked and derided. The hardening moonlight and his sharpening perceptions had revealed the terrible faces for what they were -- the grinning rictuses of pumpkins, and nothing more. fruit carved for the coming festival, laid across the field to serve as its ghastly sentinels until that hour. Krumb let the breath escape his lungs. Its mist drifted into the silvery darkness and parted in wispy tendrils. He cursed himself for his foll, for letting his mind conjure specters as though he were some craven child reading them in his bedchamber's shadows. The only foe who awaited him that night was the cold creeping into his bones.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item available for 20Planet Coin Planet coins from 2/11/12 until 16/11/12

Part of Pumpkin Night Set

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