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Psychokinetic Warrior Epic Troop
Legion damage: 73.8

Duel power: 23
Attack: 45
Defense: 25
Race halfelf Half-Elf
Role healer Healer
Source special Special

Psychokinetic warrior
Half-elves born with psychic abilities usually find themselves viewed with suspicion if not outright hostility by humans. Perhaps this is due to old wives' tales in which spirit magic is depicted as a mark of demonic blood. But no such stigma exists among the elves, and those individuals thus often choose to live among their pure-blooded cousins.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Hard+:

Prince Obyron (Guild Raid)
Hammer (Guild Raid)
Dirthax (Guild Raid)
Giant Dreadbloom (Guild Raid)
Apocolocyntosised Demon (Guild Raid)


  • Psychokinetic Warrior is a part of one recipe.

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