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Proc is the term used to describe when a General, Troop, Legion, Magic, Equipment or Mount triggers its bonus ability, excluding critical hits. Proc rate is the % chance of the item triggering a Proc.

Proc window shows the procs from any one hit. Procs are identifiable by there name which is the first word(s) of the General, Troop, Legion, Magic, Equipment or Mounts ability which appears on there respective pages.

There are multiple different types of Proc such as:

  • Damage Boosting - Increases the damage the item does by a predefined amount that can be boosted in some cases.
  • Critical Boosting - Increases the % damage done on a critical hit
  • Equipment, Items & Mount drops - Provides a random Equipment/Item piece or a Mount depending on ability
  • Energy/Stamina/Honor regen - Increases certain resources by a predefined amount
  • Decrease/Nullify damage - Decreases damage taken from a raid or completely nullifies it
  • Healing - Heals the player with a certain amount of health
  • Crit/Critical - Boosts damage done by 100%. Doesn't require a General, Troop, Legion, Magic, Equipment or Mount to proc a critical.


  • Generals, Troops, Legions, Equipment and Mounts without an ability do not have any type of proc.

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