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Pragmatic Relic Epic Enchanting

Enchanting: Adds a bonus of 55 - 110 to Attack, Defense, and Perception of enchanted item
Pragmatic relic
Some gods and goddesses bestow marvelous artifacts upon worshippers, to reward them for their piety and devotion. However, they were disturbed to notice the growing trend of mortals who would pray to a given deity until receiving their reward, then promptly begin worshipping another in the hope of earning a second such prize. Thus they created these relics, which become worthless once the power within them is used -- forcing those mortals to maintain their loyalty if they wish to have them replaced.
Obtained By:

Very rare Epic drop from:

8 Pragmatic Relic Fragments can be crafted into 1 Pragmatic Relic

Additional Info:

Upgrade component for:

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