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Power of the Demon Stones Epic Crafting Component

Used as an ingredient to craft Sword of Conquered Kingdoms2
Faustus' eyes gleam as he draws the arcane energy from the six stones, and watches it coalesce into a blazing ball of raw power. His gaze, unblinking and avaricious, reminds you of Ruth the Miser's when she looks upon a pile of gold. But at last he seems to snap out of it, and tells you that the magic is ready. Your weapon may now be infused with its might.
Obtained By:

These three are very rare epic raid loot that aren't shown in the loot table (all Nightmare):

These three are very rare epic drops from any quest in the appropriate region:

Additional Info:

The drops from the Quest Areas are not perception drops, they appear alongside the regular items and crafting components that drop while questing.


  • Power of the Demon Stones is a part of 2 recipes.

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Name Type Recraft Type

Searching for the "quest" stones does not require completing an area or even killing the area quest boss just "attacking" a quest can cause a stone to drop. The "raid" stones can drop from NM raids only and require AP damage only. There is speculation that doing more damage will increase chances of getting raid stones but there is absolutely no proof or confirmation. This is a true treasure hunt.

Stone of Farzak = Kalaxia (Raid) NM requires a minimum of 1.6 Million dmg ** confirmed

Stone of Xarabesh = Lord Tyranthius (Raid) NM requires a minimum of 1.7 Million dmg ** confirmed. (← There has been a drop on 220k damage.)

Stone of Lyrpan = Bogstench (Raid) NM requires a minimum of 1.8 Million dmg ** confirmed

Stone of D'rach = Vornstaag <Cemetery> (Zombie Horde's area) ** confirmed drop on all difficulties.

Stone of Arach = Ryndor <The Tomb> (Kerberos' area) ** confirmed drop in Normal/Hard/Legendary. There has been a drop on <Plains> (Sir Cai's area) on Legendary and Nightmare difficulties.

Stone of Zuxala = Bludheim <Terracles' Meander> (Kang-Gsod)'s area ** confirmed drop in Normal/Hard/Legendary

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