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Polymath's Sorcery Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 12000

Duel power: 1500
Attack: 2500
Defense: 2000
Talented: 12% chance to deal 10% damage against Shadow Elf raids; Extra 5% damage for each Polymath's Sorcery owned (MAX: 2); Extra 1% damage for each piece of Polymath set worn; 10% chance to discover a Shadow Fragment on hit when complete set except Helm is worn against non-Guild related Shadow Elf raids

Shield polymaths
"Much of magic depends on natural aptitude, but like any intrinsic talent it may be emulated by careful study and the creative application of will. So any man might work at art and overtake the natural prodigy, so may they work at magic." -- Master Yeddrik
Obtained By:

Gauntlet Shop: 70Collection gauntlet token

Part of Polymath Set


  • Polymath's Sorcery is a part of one recipe.