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Planet Coin Uncommon Currency

Planet Coin (Thumb)


  • Planet Coin is a part of 6 recipes.

Hold mouse over crafting component to see its name and where to get it.
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Name Type

currency Planet Coin

Planet Coin (Thumb)

currency Planet Coin

Planet Coin (Thumb)

currency Planet Coin

Planet Coin (Thumb)
Idol dragon

currency Planet Coin

Planet Coin (Thumb)
Idol dragon

currency Planet Coin

Planet Coin (Thumb)

Equipment - Main hand Scourge of the Faithless

Main scourge of the faithless
Planet Coin (Thumb)

Planet Coins are a special currency used to purchase unique/special items and services in game, the planet coin cost will be displayed next to the item with the Planet Coin symbol. Examples of these items are the limited edition bazaar equipment/consumables, stamina refills, class/name changes.

Your current available number of Planet Coins is displayed in the top right section of the menu bar.

pictures will be added at a later time. (3 variants) - Lorak990 17:25, December 14, 2010 (UTC)

  • You can receive planet coins by the following methods:
  • Here is a direct link to the dawn of the dragons promo page
    (Note: you will need to be signed into Facebook to access this page.)
Purchase via Credit Card/Paypal.
Completing one of the many special offers/promotions through advertisers.
Completing surveys
  • For a period 5th Planet ran a promotion to receive 8 planet coins for installing a DOTD web browser toolbar.
  • Every 5 levels you will receive 1 planet coin.
  • Quest Help Rewards.
  • Received Component Gifts.

  1. Calculation as follows:
    • 4 Idols for 15Planet Coin → 15÷4=3 3/4Planet Coin per Idol
    • 6 Idols for 25Planet Coin → 25÷6=4 1/6Planet Coin per Idol
    • scourge price= 22.5Planet Coin (@4 idol craft rate)
      • profit = 25÷6-15÷4 = 50÷12-45÷12 = 5÷12Planet Coin
      • @54 weeks → profit = 5÷12×54 = 22.5Planet Coin = investment returned
      • However, in 56 weeks 4xIdols wins again.
      • The first time that Scourge wins and is not won again would be at 90 weeks
          • profit only starts after 54 weeks ( = 12.5 months = 1 year 2 weeks!!)
          • real profit only starts at 90 weeks ( = 21 months = 1 year 9 months!!)

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