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Phlaw the Drunken Epic General
Legion damage: 956

Duel power: 330
Attack: 350
Defense: 640
Race angel Angel
Role healer Healer
Source strength Strength
Better than Nectar: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique Drunken Angel item owned; Chance to create an Angel Ale; If an Angel Ale is owned, Phlaw's next damage proc will consume it and cause additional damage

You've seen so many fantastic things over the past months that very little can cause you to stop and stare these days. However, the sight of an angel passed out in the gutter, alongside an ornate drinking vessel and a pool of fragrant but eye-watering liquid, gave you pause. You did the neighborly thing and kicked him awake. At which point he opened his eyes, burped, and said:

"You... %name%? Thought so. Famous. Even in heaven. Stupid heaven... Used to live there. Got kicked out. Want a drink?"

Obtained By:

Part of Drunken Angel's Set

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