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Penelope's Band Epic Ring
Raid damage: 600

Duel power: 80
Attack: 120
Defense: 120
Bad Lair Day: Increases critical hit chance against Dragons

Ring penelopes band
"People keep telling me how great it must be to be a dragon. Idiots! Men would buy me drinks in taverns. Now they run a mile. I used to look great in a dress. Now I have to go around naked all the time. And how am I supposed to be a treasure-hunter when I can't even fit through doors? The moment I find a cure, I'm using it. Well, I suppose it's not all been bad... I found that bitch who used to pick on me when we were at school. Gave her the fright of her life." -- Penelope
Obtained By:

Very rare Epic loot from Nightmare Dragon's Lair (Raid)

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