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Parry and Riposte Legendary Gloves
Raid damage: 800

Duel power: 207
Attack: 160
Defense: 160
Engard!: Chance for bonus damage; PvP Bonus: +100 power, +10 damage, +4 deflect

Gloves parry and riposte
1. The duelist who first owned these gloves loved them as dearly as she did her blade, for the sorcery woven into their crafting made them just as valuable. When she wore them she was invincible. Even the most skilled adversary's sword point could never find her flesh, and no one ever survived her counterattack. But betrayal did what martial ability could not. Her husband took them from her dresser while she slept, for he had fallen in love with the foe she was to fight on the next day. The last thing she saw as her heart ceased to beat was the two of them standing over her, sharing a kiss.
Obtained By:

Purchase at Duel Rank 32, Blade-Master

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