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Panoptica's Legplates Legendary Pants
Raid damage: 600

Duel power: 100
Attack: 100
Defense: 200
Perception: 700
Eyes of the Gods: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage based on Player's Perception; Increases Energy by 60

Pants panoptica

Pants panoptica f

"Mathias continues to persevere in the task you've laid out for him. This morning I observed him learning how to fish, with some measure of success. He's also mastered the art of deception which accompanies the pastime, and told a friend that he had caught a fish far larger than he actually had.

Recommended judgment: Further observation. It may soon be time to end his punishment."

-- Panoptica's report to the gods

Obtained By:

Perception Reward (minimum known requirement 21,708 perception)

Part of Panoptica's Set


  • Panoptica's Legplates is a part of one recipe.

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