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Panoply of Crystalline Power Chest
Raid damage: 510

Duel power: 62
Attack: 108
Defense: 78
Perception: 54
Increases Stamina by 10

Chest panoplycrystallinepower

Chest panoplycrystallinepower f

Battle after battle did Trym fight at the oroc champion's side, and many fierce enemies were laid low by steel and crystal. From malevolent men to diabolical drakes, all perished who fell into the path of their blades. these heroic deeds earned the oroc the favor of the Diamond Queen herself, and he knew that he had Trym to thank for his elevation in the eyes of his people. So he had this armor fashioned for the human warrior, adorned with the bones of a powerful shaman.
Obtained By:

Was available from the Bazaar for Planet Coin20 Planet Coins as a Limited Time Item between April 1st - April 15th, 2011.
Available from Anniversary Present (Purple) and Anniversary Present (Orange)

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