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Oroc Illusion Mole Mount
Raid damage: 1268

Duel power: 183
Attack: 240
Defense: 308
Counterfeit Creature: Chance for bonus damage (+135%); Extra damage for each additional Oroc Illusion item worn; Extra damage against Underground bosses (+65%)

Oroc illusion mole
You're not quite sure what animal lurks under the illusion. It can certainly dig like a giant mole... Perhaps a badger? Or maybe a giant rabbit? Though it doesn't really jump like a rabbit. In any event, it's comfortable to ride and serves well enough in battle -- so you can live with the mystery. You just hope it isn't a skunk...
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 5/4/12 - 5/18/12

Part of Oroc Illusion Set

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