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Orc Shaman Uncommon Troop
Legion damage: 73.8

Duel power: 38
Attack: 30
Defense: 85
Race orc Orc
Role healer Healer
Source wisdom Wisdom

Orc shaman
"Gods will heal you, but they demand offering. You must give... chicken. No! Vegetables not good enough! I hate... I mean, gods hate vegetables! But if you have beer, gods like beer too. Now wait here, human. I need to give gods offerings behind bushes. Away from impure eyes." -- An orc shaman
Obtained By:

Burbata the Spine-Crusher (Raid), Count Siculus' Phantom (Raid), Z'ralk'thalat (Raid)


  • Orc Shaman is a part of one recipe.

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