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Nightfall Off Hand
Raid damage: 710

Duel power: 77
Attack: 160
Defense: 70
Perception: 50
Descending Darkness: Chance for bonus damage; chance to create a Shadow of Hlaar

Off nightfall
"They're coming for me. I've glimpsed them at the edge of my vision, flitting in the darkness. Waiting. Watching. Taunting. I lit candles all around my chamber, and cower in their glow. But even they can't save me. I still see the little flickers in the corners where the light dies... They're coming for me - garbed in shadow, blackness on their blades. Shouldn't have done it... I shouldn't have had them steal from the temple of Hlaar..." - Scrawled note found next to an art collectors body.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 7/1/11 until 7/22/11

Part of Shadow Set

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