Z6 a2 boss


Nidhogg is the second boss encounter for Bludheim (Area: The Frozen River). As with all bosses, Nidhogg can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence nidhogg Nidhogg Essence Used to summon Nidhogg (Raid) Nidhogg quest boss
Gloves bjorn Hrolf's Gloves 55 55 69 50 Increases Energy by 3 Quest Boss - Nidhogg
Manual 1 Alte Armatur und Ringkunst Used as an ingredient to craft Mestr Rekkr Essence and Hauberk of Gold Quests: Nidhogg quest boss


Enter Battle:

You leap from the tipping slab, the doomed Frost Wyrm warrior’s screams ringing in your ears as he slides into the water, to whatever lies beneath. Your companions grab hold of you as you land on a more stable expanse of ice, and pull you into their ranks.

You turn around in time to see a vast shape rising up from the surface of the river, knocking chunks of ice aside as if they were mere snowflakes. Red eyes glare out from a turquoise, reptilian head.

For a moment you take it for a dragon, perhaps the wyrm you’ve come to slay. But the head continues to rise, at the end of a long, scaly neck. A giant serpent…

The head tilts downwards, and the red eyes glare at you and your companions. For a long moment it hovers there, as if taking stock of what stands before it. Then it darts towards you, serpentine jaws opening to expose a mouth full of wicked teeth.


The serpent's corpse lies stretched across the ice, its eyes dull. A few well placed arrows and a spear are embedded in the soft flesh of those dead orbs, a viscous fluid oozimg from each of them. The monster's scales are covered with dozens and dozens of wounds, from sword cuts to blackened patches where spells blasted against its hide.

"You've slain such things before," remarks Aesa.

"We live... interesting lives," you reply.

Furs are laid down on the ice, so that the wounded can be treated upon them. A frozen river is hardly an ideal place to camp, but some of your comrades need their injuries tended to, and you don't have the luxury of waiting until you can get them to the bank.

Those who perished are carried back to the ships, to be placed in the holds until the vessels are able to ferry them home. It's not an easy task on the ice, but no one begrudges the duty.