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Nemler's Guard Gauntlets Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 420

Duel power: 60
Attack: 80
Defense: 100

Gloves nemlers guard
III. During Nemler's fifteenth year, the local countryside was beset by a manticore -- a crimson-furred monster with ferocious claws, a barbed tail, and an unfortunate habit of slaughtering the peasantry. When the commoners came to demand assistance from their lord, Eumarus told them that the beast was sure to leave after it had eaten its fill. This suggestion failed to quell the peasants' discontent, however. And flogging them all was out of the question, since a severe beating might have prevented them from bringing in the harvest. So he sent some of his household guardsmen to deal with the creature.
Obtained By:

Possible drop from The Baroness quest boss

Part of Nemler's Guard Set

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