Nalagarst is the fifth boss encounter for Vornstaag (Area: Dragon Graveyard). As with all bosses, Nalagarst can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence nalagarst Nalagarst Essence Used to summon Nalagarst (Raid) Nalagarst quest boss
Citadel book alchemist Alchemist Book This book allows you to construct the Alchemist in your Citadel, and can be obtained by defeating Nalagarst (quest version) on Normal difficulty. Quest: N Nalagarst
Book curses Eurydice's Compendium of Curses Crafting component for Misako Essence to summon Misako (Raid) Quest Boss - Nalagarst; Gifts
Francis Francis 60 140 95 Built to Last: Increases Player Defense (+42) Quest Boss: Nightmare Nalagarst
Chest shadowknight Shadowknight's Prison 39 46 51 35 Increases Energy by 4 Occasional drop by the Nalagarst quest boss in Vornstaag
Floating skull Floating Skull Vornstaag Quest Bosses
Skull brown Brown Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull grey Grey Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull green Green Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull blue Blue Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull purple Purple Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull orange Orange Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting


Enter Battle

The ground trembles as the necromancers’ spell begins to take hold. Past their glowing circle, the earth is rising as something forces its way up from the grasp of death.

The necromancers are slaughtered, their last remaining defenders scattered and unable to protect them. But their work is done.

Long bones rise from the ground, unfurling into the ruined remains of wings that now bear only the clinging traces of rotting skin. Rivulets of mud slough from them, like melting flesh. Skeletal claws follow, and a long skull in which burn a pair of eyes the same luminous green that is now so familiar to you.


The green glow disappears from the undead dragon's eyes, vanishing with a startling suddenness, and its bones clatter to the ground. There's no death screech, no flailing as of a dying beast trying in vain to claw onto life. As soon as the magic which sustained it fails, unable to resist the damage inflicted upon it, the creature is simply lifeless once more.


The grateful baron offers you the hospitality of his keep. There you join your companions in a boisterous celebration in the castle's vast dining room, before retreating to a small drawing room for a little peace and quiet.

You've just settled down into a comfortable chair when Seneras, the robed man from the cemetery, enters. He begins to engage you in conversation, and you do your best to be polite.

"We're so short of corpses now," he laments after a few minutes. "Where are we going to get our zombies from?"

"Perhaps you'll be lucky, and a plague will come to Vornstaag," you reply.

"We can but hope," he says, your sarcasm apparently eluding him.

"I believe some of your men fell in the fighting," he says. "Would you-"

"If you finish that sentence," you say, rising to your feet, your hands clenching in rage, "you'll be joining them in the underworld."

He stiffens.

"I was going to ask if you would like us to cremate their bodies, or prepare them for transport."

With that, he storms from the chamber, his robes billowing behind him. Your hands unclench, and your face flushes. You thing of going after him, but instead you collapse back into the chair.

A few minutes later, Cassandra enters, and sits down next to you.

"You don't like us very much, do you?" she asks.

There's a moment of silence, as you consider a tactful response. But something in her young, bright eyes forces you to tell the truth.

"No," you say.

"You outsiders are all the same," she says.

"Because we don't like being surrounded by walking corpses?"

"Mina von Richten is undead, and no one seems to mind. When I saw her at the last court ball, all the men wanted to dance with her."

"That's different..." you reply.

"Why? Because she's pretty?" Cassandra snorts, a childish gesture so out of place with her elegant bearing. "Everyone likes vampires. But everyone hates zombies. How is that fair?"

You're still stumbling for something to say when the door closes behind her.


The next day you awake late. The maids tell you that the others asked them not to wake you, deciding that you needed your sleep. You dress, and ride out to where your companions have gathered together outside Vornstaag, ready to continue your interrupted journey.

Baron Melanthius and Cassandra are waiting alongside your comrades, escorted by a group of zombies.

The baron thanks you once again for all you've done for Vornstaag. Then he gestures towards the zombies.

"As a token of our appreciation, we'd like you to accept some of our soldiers to join your war effort," he says.

There's a murmuring from your ranks.

"But you have so few zombies left..." you say. "They must be needed here..."

"The whole kingdom is in danger," says the baron. "And we must all do what we can to help defeat those abominable creatures."

Long seconds crawl by. Then you bow.

"Thank you," you say.

You look over to Cassandra, who gives you a smile and an approving nod. Then you ride off at the head of your companions, the zombies falling into line alongside the infantry.


The green eyes of the dead dragon bore into your soul, and at last your spirit breaks beneath the weight of their stare. You turn away, and seek shelter behind the ranks of your companions, loathing yourself for your weakness.

Additional Info

  • Normal 480 hp, 250 max damage
  • Hard 672 hp, 250 max damage
  • Legendary 960 hp, 250 max damage
  • Nightmare 1728 hp, 250 max damage