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Crown of Karpathia Helm
Raid damage: 750

Duel power: 100
Attack: 150
Defense: 150
Increases Energy by 20, Stamina by 10

Helm crown of karpathia
Having the goddess of love as your mother can't be entirely gratifying. One can only imagine how awkward it must feel to walk by her temple and see what the young male worshippers do to her statues, for example. But it isn't without its rewards. Caspis, Rassys' son by one of her favored mortals, found that no woman could resist him -- and he thus accumulated a list of conquests which would rival an epic poem for length. However, he soon tired of easy prey. He wanted to test his powers of seduction against a more challenging female. So he entered hell and sought out Baroness Karpathia, the ruler of a mighty infernal empire. He returned two days later, spinning her crown on his finger and boasting that he might try heaven next.
Obtained By:

Rising Hero Chest: Level 50

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