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Mina von Richten Legendary unique Troop
Legion damage: 360

Duel power: 133
Attack: 200
Defense: 200
Race undead Undead
Role tank Tank
Source agility Agility
Bite of the Red Baroness: Chance to increase damage and restore health

Bewitched by her beauty, captivated by the same keen mind which had won over the Red Prince before him, Count Siculus wished to share his undead existence with Mina von Richten. He turned her into a vampire, that she might join him in an eternity of viciousness and depravity. But her spirit was stronger than he could have imagined. Instead she destroyed him, brought the mighty vampire warlord low, and sought her own path in the darkness.
Obtained By:

Upgrade Mina von Richten with:

Additional Info:

Unique Troop - Can only own 1. Can be upgraded to Mina von Richten3 with 10x Mina's Wish


  • Mina von Richten is a part of 2 recipes.

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Name Type Recraft Type
Mina von Richten Misc/Legends Stats/Legends
Purple bottle of blood
Cyan bottle of blood
Chrome bottle of blood
Black bottle of blood
Gold bottle of blood

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