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Mighty Wings of Callissa Epic Chest
Raid damage: 400

Duel power: 135
Attack: 80
Defense: 80
Perception: 80
Increases Health by 100, Stamina by 10, Energy by 20; PvP Bonus: +75 power, +10 damage, +5 deflect

Chest mighty callissa

Chest mighty callissa f

VII. Callissa had sworn to always obey the throne of Melops. She could not break that oath now, and spurn Pareus' final edict. She she led her followers, the men and women who had gathered to die alongside her, and they fought their way towards the harbor. They slaughtered all enemies who crossed their path, made unstoppable by their purpose and by the bitter thought that death was denied them -- that they must live whilst their kith and kin were mutilated corpses in the streets and squares. As they slew, so too did they save. For countless Melopians flocked to them, seeking their aid and protection.
Obtained By:

Crafting (General) - Pragmatic Relic Fragment + Wings of Callissa

Additional Info:

Upgraded to Heroic Wings of Callissa with Qwiladrian Power Stone

Part of Mighty Callissa's Set

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