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Mighty Legplates of Callissa Epic Pants
Raid damage: 400

Duel power: 135
Attack: 80
Defense: 80
Perception: 80
Increases Health by 100, Stamina by 10, Energy by 20; PvP Bonus: +75 power, +10 damage, +5 deflect

Pants mighty callissa
IX. When they reached the harbor, not yet knowing of the forces approaching through the city, Callissa's followers found flames licking the sky and murderous blades raised against them. Barnabas, a powerful warrior, had been tasked with seizing the harbor and burning the ships. Already one trireme was ensnared by dancing flames, and the firebrands in the foemen's hands would have taken others in turn. But Callissa would not allow it. She hurled herself at Barnabas, clashing spear against spear, shield against shield, while her companions did battle with his.
Obtained By:

Crafting (General) - Pragmatic Relic Fragment + Legplates of Callissa

Additional Info:

Upgraded to Heroic Legplates of Callissa with Qwiladrian Power Stone

Part of Mighty Callissa's Set

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