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Megan of the Dark Pankration Epic unique Troop
Legion damage: 378

Duel power: 125
Attack: 225
Defense: 150
Race halfelf Half-Elf
Role special Special
Source agility Agility
Killer Kick: 18% chance to deal 3,000 damage; Extra 3,000 damage against Demon raids; Extra 100 damage for each Dark Pankratiast in the active legion; Gains 30 Attack and Defense if Chargurk of the Dark Pankration is in the active legion; Gains 10 Attack and Defense while in the Skulls and Suplexes, Gleaming Eyes, Glittering Blood, or Luck of the Devil legion; Gains 1 Attack and 2 Defense for each Dark Pankratiast in the active legion; Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Demon raids by 100

Megan of the dark pankration
It's customary to say that a fighter kicks like a mule. However, since no mule's ever kicked a brimstone baron's head clean off his shoulders, that doesn't seem a particularly apt comparison for Megan.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions