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Master Assassin's Gloves Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 435

Duel power: 53
Attack: 92
Defense: 67
Perception: 81
Increases Energy by 15

Gloves masterassassin
Men from the city watch arrived at Lady Celeste's mansion to find the noblewoman dead on the floor of her boudoir, alongside the corpses of several bodyguards. The sound of sobbing attracted their attention to a nearby closet, where one of the lady's maids had lain hidden during the murders. The weeping girl told them that she had seen everything through the decorative lattice in the closet door, and she was able to describe the killer's clothing in surprising detail. Her account is believed to contain the earliest description of a Night Blade master's garb.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinPlanet Coins - Retired Expeditions item

Part of Master Assassin's Set

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