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Mark of Terracles Epic Ring
Raid damage: 703

Duel power: 82
Attack: 152
Defense: 95
Warriors of Terracles: Chance for bonus damage against Dragons; Chance to negate incoming damage

Ring terracles mark
Men and women who fought alongside Terracles during the last conflict with the wyrms were honored to have stood with the mighty demi-god in combat. Thus they had these rings made after the war, mementos of their adventures together.
Obtained By:

Crafting (General Event) - Darkness Within: Legacy of Kessov

Additional Info:

4/9/12 Kessov Siege: Blood of the Besiegers. Can be boosted to increase the ability damage by 17,200 (Mark of Terracles Boost)


  • Mark of Terracles is a part of one recipe.
Mark of Terracles Events/World Raid
Kessov key brown
Kessov key grey
Kessov key green
Kessov key blue
Kessov key purple
Kessov key orange
Ring terracles mark

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