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Malota the Demon Slayer Epic General
Legion damage: 528

Duel power: 147
Attack: 220
Defense: 220
Race human Human
Role ranged Ranged
Source agility Agility
Malota's Shafts: Huge base damage increase against N'rlux (Equal to a 5000 boost to Attack)

"I claim her bow as my trophy. You struck the killing blow, but it was my arrow that put out her eye and spoiled her aim. Else you'd have one of her shafts buried in your throat. By rights the first spoil is mine. Don't argue. Demon slayers have our codes and customs. You will respect them. I'm taking her helmet too. What? I... I drew first blood. That gives me the second choice of spoil. Demon slayer code." -- Malota the Demon Slayer
Obtained By:

Epic Guild Raid loot:


  • Malota the Demon Slayer is a part of one recipe.

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