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Magnificent Dragonite Gauntlets Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 1250

Duel power: 257
Attack: 250
Defense: 250
Increases Honor by 30; PvP Bonus: +90 power, +12 deflect; Chance to produce a Captured War Banner when complete set worn in N'rlux the Devourer (Guild Raid)

Gloves magnificent dragonite
VIII. "Nimrod the Hunter was the seventh. The cyan drake was swift and strong, and it's said by those who dwell upon such things as might have come to pass, that neither the dragon-rider nor <his/her> azure drake could have overcome him in battle. But fate and the gods cast their lot with that of the hero. Through wit and fortune <he/she> destroyed the wyrm, and brought an end to his hunt." -- Anonymous, Chronicles of the Second Dragon War
Obtained By:

Upgrade Glorious Dragonite Gauntlets with 1 N'rlux's Eye

Additional Info:

N'rlux's Eye obtained using Insecticide Legion against N'rlux the Devourer (Guild Raid)

Lore text will change based on gender to match your character.

Part of Magnificent Dragonite Set

Web VersionRecipe

  • Magnificent Dragonite Gauntlets is a part of one recipe.

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