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Mad Marcia's Chest Guard Epic Chest
Raid damage: 710

Duel power: 145
Attack: 152
Defense: 102
Perception: 26
Increases Energy by 6 and Stamina by 12; PvP Bonus: +60 power

Chest mad marcia

Chest mad marcia f

4. The audience cheered and booed Varcan in equal measure when he strode across the sand. Some loved him, others despised him. But all were entertained by the spectacles of slaughter he enacted. When Marcia followed some moments later, it was to jeers and shouts of commiseration - for everyone in the stands expected to witness her agonizing demise. Yet if Marcia felt any trepidation at being pitted against so mighty a foe she gave no sign. Those who were connoisseurs of gladiatorial combat noted that there was no trembling about her. The woman's movements were confidant as she took her place, her stance bold and warlike.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions

Part of Mad Marcia's Set

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