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Lysimache the Dreamer Epic unique Mount
Raid damage: 450

Duel power: 60
Attack: 90
Defense: 90
Perception: 90
Dreaming Drake: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage based on how many Magic slots the Raid has(+12% every Magic slot).

Lysimache the dreamer
Following the ancient dragon war, in which she had fought on the side of man, Lysimache flew into the arcane realms - wishing to leave the brutality of the material world behind. For thousands of years she dwelled and dreamed within its eldritch expanses, so long a time that the magical energy permeated her body. But you found her within that strange dimension, and were able to persuade her to join your cause.
Obtained By:

Crafted with the six colors of Dream Threads which can be gained from any Together in Eclectic Dreams raid:


Reference to the Queen of Argos and/or the Daughter of King Priamus of Troy (different people).


  • Lysimache the Dreamer is a part of one recipe.

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